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About SymDOS

Started by ASiC, 14:55, 19 May 07

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Hello all,

Is there any news regarding the SymDOS rom? Is the project just halted or canceled? I'm very interested in this dos because supporting fat12/fat32 under cpc os, will make the transfer pc->cpc and vise versa so much easy. And the support for hard disk means, throw your floppies to the garbage! If anyone (or better the author of SymDOS) knows something, please, share it with the rest of us  :)

Best regards,


Ah, that'd an interesting topic, now. SymDOS is Flynn's project (Flynn is, among others, the author of my fav emulator, WinCPC). As far as I know he hasn't updated the page ( in a while, so it would be worth asking him (you have to compile some code to get his email address, IIRC it's flynn at wincpc dot ch).

If you do please let us know :)


Well, This is not SymDOS but is another DOS very interesting :

Enjoy it.


Hmmm! Interesting (wiki! Wiki! :) ). But what about the interface?



BonnyDOS works with CPC-IDE (Symbiface I) and Symbiface II. It req. a CPC 6128/6128+ or 464+ w. 128K-Upgrade.

About SymbDOS: A few days ago, I asked flynn about his DOS, because I want to write BDOS V2.0, which will support the FAT-Filesystem, and I think, it is not very usefull, if two persons are working on the same thing. ;-)

The Result: I've got no answer - so I will start the V2.0-project soon.




Thanks for the info, much appreciated :)

I've contacted Flynn twice in the past; and while it took a couple (or more) days for him to come back to me, he did reply in the end, so maybe you should hang on a little more...



I think you're right. ;)
Maybe he will send me an answer :)


I am waiting for an answer too :) I've emailed Flynn about the current status of the project two days ago... I think we must wait a couple of days more. On the other hand, I've found the opportunity to try out the BDOS. It's working like a charm! And from what I've read, BDOS 2.0 comes with fat support! Symbos and amsdos hdd access on the same disk (YES!)! Now, if anyone sits and writes a utility to transfer files directly from the pc using the the parallel cable, it would be heaven  ;D


It will take a while - I have to buy a new CPC first, because my current 6128 doesn't recognize RAM-Expansions (and the SFII). If I write/read to/from Expansion-RAM, the CPC displays strange Gfx-Effects ;-) Until first Releases, you can work with current BDOS. Btw. Nice to hear, that it works :-)


As I realized, Flynn must be very busy to devote time for SymDOS project! I came to this conclusion due to the fact that he didn't replied to my email :) That's ok, people got to work for living too! So, Brueggi, go on with the v2 of BDOS. You are our only hope :)


I will go on, as soon as my "new" cpc arrives me ;-)


Yay! Manual will be upped very soon :)


Hello. I've started (at the moment, without CPC) V2.0 ;-)

The first aim is to include a LBA-Driver for a FAT16-Harddisk. But: V2.0 will be open for other Filesystems and drivers. The plan is an Amiga-like handling. There are 5 drives (C,D,E,F,G) and all of these drives can be mapped to a seperate "Device" (Low-Level-Driver) and to a seperate "Handler" (the Filesystem-Driver).

There are two ROMs in work - the first is the "DOS", and in the second, there are the Drivers (IDE.DEVICE for SFII and FAT16.HANDLER for the Filesystem). But it is also possible to Map a Printer, the serial port of a Booster or something else to one of the drives. I wanted BDOS to be more flexible (more than two files open at the same time) - but there are not enough RAM within the BASIC/AMSDOS-Environment. So please be patient. More Infos & Developer-Dox soon.


Just lovely... is there a beta we could see? Or a screenshot or two? Please? :D


Not yet. I finished the Low-Level-Driver "IDE.DEVICE" and now working on the FAT-Filesystem :)


Ah well, we'll just have to wait :)


While you are waiting for V2.0: For 1.6x-Users, I'm writing a tool for PCs. With this Tool, you can transfer Files between PC and CPC. Connect the BDOS-Harddisk to your PC, and use the Tool.

BDOS-Harddisk and PC-BIOS have to handle LBA-Access
Use PC-IDE-Connector - not USB or other external Solutions (but this is still untested)

I will release the tool soon.


Ooh, pity I can't try it :(


There is a first Beta-Release of the Transfer-Tool:

To use it:

Connect your CPC-HD (must handle CHS+LBA!) to your PC.
Set an environment to tell BFS16.EXE, which HD it should use (open a DOS-Box):
SET BFS16U=x  (x=unit, 0=first HD, 1=second,...)

Dont be afraid: If no BFS16-Filesystem exists, the Tool quit itself without any damages to your (Windows) HD!

Start the tool (type BFS16).

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