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About the downtime

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Likes reinstalled. Worth saying that the upcoming smf version has such functionality built into it so I'm not sure what will happen then.

All good Gryzor, great to have you and the wiki back!
I have to admit I did panic a little when I found the website dead.

Where is the donations button?
I feel like throwing you some moneys after what you went through!

Likes removed from now, causing issues with server performance; will revisit.

Donations mod must be reapplied, but no need really :)

What an adventure!

The forum takes a lot to load now, at least for me.

e.g. this post took 8 secs to get the response. Then the modify was ~500ms. Then the "save" operation 39 seconds.

Just FYI.

Well, I think that now the forum is faster than ever. URLs have returned too, so if you have any bookmarks feel free to try them out!


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