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Are there any CPC mainboard Gerbers, or Eagle, Kicad, Proteus, Altium

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Hello All, I live in United States and unfortunately we dont have the Amstrad CPC easily available here. Based on Verilog code posted by @gerald , @DaDMaN , and others , I was able to write the 40010 gate array code to a Spartan6 FPGA. I don't have a CPC to test with so I am looking for a board file so I can build up a system to test the new FPGA 40010. The cost of A used CPC on ebay and shipping from Europe is around $200 USD usually for an untested parts machine.

Thanks for any help in finding a board file, or any other ideas.


Yes, CPCs in USA are a rare good. (For 8,5 years I lived in NOLA).
And users are few. Get in contact with this CPC user, he lives in the USA too and may be of help:

Thanks @GUNHED I sent him an email. Hopefully I am able to find a mainboard file. I could spend hours going over the schematic and transcribing it into Eagle, but I am worried I will introduce too many points of failure with an untested eagle design and untested FPGA. It would be a lot of trouble trying to learn what is actually causing problems when it doesn't work.

Maybe @TotO could help too, he did awesome hardware for the CPC.  :) :) :)

Hello and welcome,

If you want to build a CPC mainboard, you can put first all the real parts on it.
Next, to remove the gate array and interface your FPGA instead.

You will have to add a keyboard, a tape or floppy drive equivalent to run programs too.
I'm pretty sure that is more effort and time than buying a CPC for your main project.

A picture posted by gerald six month ago about his GateArray replacement:

Now, I can imagine the Spartan6 FPGA can replace the PAL, CRTC and the main RAM too.
So, what is the real goal? Doing something like a CPC Next?


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