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best practices as workarounds for forum bugs?

Started by eto, 15:21, 04 May 21

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I already do always "remove formatting" just to prevent the small text bug. That's fine, can be learned.

But what other "best practices" should I have to avoid bugs. I also already rename my attachments to a "fancy", because if I accidentally upload a file that has the same name as an already existing attachment I will lose all the text - I just now learned that also happens if I upload accidentally something with more than 4MB.

Honestly I can live with the bugs but I get really annoyed by stumbling into them and losing the whole text I have written. Are there any further bugs/limits that I should be aware of before I find them by accident?


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The only other one I've seen is the hyperlink bug. Put URLs directly into posts rather than attaching them to text, as sometimes the forum likes to play lucky dip when retrieving them.


There's no avoiding it, the forum does have some bugs, stemming from the software's age mostly. I've tried to drum up some interest in updating but nobody seemed to care :D And since moving to a new forum platform would require some pretty significant investment, mostly in terms of time spent to setup the server to run the forum from dockers etc, we're stuck with this old thing here till 2.1 is released... some time.

Now, you seem to have them figured out, but the one piece of advice I can give you is: ctrl+C. Just copy your post before hitting "post". I do that pretty much everywhere on the web, especially when I've written a large amount of text. There are also some extensions that save form contents so you could try that way, too...

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