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CPC logos by Forcy

Started by Gryzor, 08:58, 06 July 14

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Just a little heads-up:

@Forcy did some great conversions of the 464/664 logos as they appear on the machines themselves, and you can find them here: CPC464 & CPC664 logos - CPCWiki . These are of great quality and could even be printed on, I don't know, labels or covers like the ones @BluesBrothers is preparing.

Just a little note: at this point, this page is not linked to from anywhere except from the home page (in the news section). This means that once it's gone from that section it'll be very difficult to find them unless you search for them. Keep this in mind when creating new pages, don't let them orphaned! I'm going to add a couple of links to the Gallery and general info pages myself.

Thanks, Forcy!

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