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Daily forum notifications not working?

Started by flag26838, 11:06, 21 March 21

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Hi there,

i subscribed all english boards and set the notification interval to "daily" but i don't get the cpcwiki digest email every single day (it looks more like weekly, actually...).

Am i the only experiencing this?


Can you give me exactly the steps you took to do that?


I clicked  the notify button for every board that i wanted to follow.

Then in my Profile -> Account settings -> Notifications i selected: "Daily", "Replies and moderation", "By email" and selected the 3 checkboxes.

BTW, strangely enough, this morning i got my notitication email digest... and yes, i checked the Spam folder, they didn't land there.  :'(


Hm weird... I see no relevant errors and the email queue is empty so I can't really check much, I'm sorry :( Let's see if it fails again, and assuming there are posts in the forums you've watched!

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