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I saw the button immediately when I logged on for the first time after it appeared, I think it's position was chosen deliberately so that those who can log out without looking will "accidentally" hit the donate button instead of the log out button :laugh: .

I will donate later, it would be helpfull if you had some visual indicator of donations and how much more you need, I am sure none of us minds if you get more than 600 euros, but we might just leave it to others thinking you will get enough donations to keep the site running.

Some of the churches in this country have a picture of a thermometer outside with the mercury level indicating donations received with the amount required being the top of the thermometer, (the CofE is the richest organisation in the country, they should repair their own buildings).

Thanks mate, added you to the Supporter group.

Concerning the donations button, well, I wanted it to be as discreet as possible; I really don't want to have that in-your-face Paypal button on every page that loads...

Thanks again =)

@Steve: yeah, you're onto my plan :D (Do people really use to Logout button?). You can see the full donation statistics if you press that button - it doesn't automagically suck monies out of your wallet, it just loads the relevant page that shows a progress meter and members who have donated (and don't keep their donation hidden).
If it goes above €600 then the surplus will be used to simply pay for next year's expenses :) That's why I chose to make it public (one of the reasons, that is), to allow people to check how it's going...

Oh wow. Already at 18%... I'm touched :)

20% or thereabouts of each donation is going to paypal, is there a way of sending money that does not get eaten up with exorbitant charges?

Paypal is around 4%, not 20%...


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