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Hello guys,

Well, yeah, believe me when I say that I generally hate it when site owners whine about money, so I hope that this announcement doesn't cause any negative feelings.

The fact is, I simply cannot afford the server on my own. The wiki has grown larger than anything we ever thought it would be, and ever since we lost our last donated host (I won't be repeating the details...) we needed to finally find a robust enough host/server and learn to stand on our own feet.
What this means is this: it costs me almost €600/yr now (already paid for the first year), and this is quite heavy for me to bear alone. I don't mind putting long hours into it and thus making what little contribution I can to the community, but this is more than I can pay myself.

I have installed a donations system, to be found either here or through the button just before the Logout option at the top bar menu[nb]Default theme only for now ;) [/nb]. I have set a yearly goal of €500, but anything that anyone can contribute, no matter how little, is much, much appreciated.

So, thanks for listening, and thank in advance to anyone and everyone who considers donating to the Wiki community.


PS On last thing - if someone could use the system to do a test donation (which will be refunded - even for €1) it'd be really helpful in testing the system... Thanks again.

So, does it work?

Heck if I know :D Unfortunately I can't donate to myself...

Ah- oops, just got the email. Yes, it does, thanks for that, will refund right away.It works!

Good then...
Sorry that I can't donate more... This project is it worth!

This is probably my most visited website now... You can definitely have a donation from me! Thanks for all your hard work in keeping this place up and running!

One thing I'd say though is that the Donations button is nowhere near visible enough. Even after you told us where to find it, it still took me a while to find it! Maybe highlighted just a little, like the Home link?


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