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--- Quote from: Andrew Musson on 15:02, 24 June 18 ---Who do I need to contact, as I would be interested in getting a DVD of the magazines scans from this site?

--- End quote ---
I don't see a downloads link anywhere; supposing the issue was bandwidth would it also be possible to return the downloads behind a paywall? I don't see a problem with contributing for the hosting of such a large amount of data but it's been two computers since I had an optical drive, and I live overseas.

The Internet Archive wants to host these as part of The Computer Magazine Archives.
What magazines were in the CPCWiki archive that aren't on either or on RetroPDFs?

The magazines were never on the wiki itself, too many GBs just for some leeching. But I always offered to send a couple of DVDs to those asking for them.

As for the rest of the Downloads, seemed like nobody ever contributed and nobody ever used them really, so off they went.


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