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Ok guys, a small heads-up on a big issue.   

I've been having some discussions with members these past several days regarding magazine downloads. As you all know, at some point we did have everything up, but what ensued was an incomprehensible amount of leeching, and we didn't feel like it, so the magazine archives were taken down, to be replaced by a DVD-delivery service at cost prices.   

But I always missed them being online... so I have decided to up them again. During the next few days, when I get access to a PC with a phat uplink, I will first upload them all to the server, then start making them available. As you can see (or not, still in testing phase), there's a new tab in the menu row above, aptly called "Downloads". This is a complete file management system, with batch downloads, categories, tags, thumbs etc etc. I feel that the end result will be beautiful.   

But wait! That's not all! Since there'll be a complete upload/download system in place I see no reason why we couldn't have the complete Amstrad omnibus, games and apps alike. With easy-to-use categories and tags and custom fields and whatnot. Only thing is, it'll need some work, anyone who can help, please step forward!       

Let me know what you think :)


A good idea.

But, what mags will you put now.

Because it will be a good thing, put the mags on PDF with OCR, too.

I download many of them from here with Torrents:

Currently Available Collections | RetroPDFs

Amstrad Action, Amtix, Amstrad Computer User are here.

 CwtA is missing, but I've got it. I know these torrents, maybe it's the ones I've got, but I'll check. A pity the Amstrad mags are downloading so slowly...

Thanks for the suggestion!

Also, one question: what is currently the most complete games archive to upload? The GBCPC archive contains 3210 files in 443MB (uncompressed), is there something else I should look at?


PS I've changed your custom profile title, hope you don't mind ;)

I got them (the magazines) from the newsgroups but then lost them due to a h/drive crash. I can get them again if someone tells me which ones are missing?

Can you see what's there, and in what format? That would help :)


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