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Editor bug?

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I just encountered a really weird behaviour, while editing an existing post, see attachment.
The only thing I did before was clicking the little "Modify message" icon above the IP address of the post.
Clicking "save" afterwards, regardless of how much I modified the message body, yields the error shown in the picture.
Anyone else seeing this or is this just some weird stuff my browser cooks out of nowhere?

Hmm first time I see this... Does it happen consistently?


--- Quote from: Gryzor on 17:18, 05 August 21 ---Hmm first time I see this... Does it happen consistently?

--- End quote ---

Not in this thread, but in the original one:

Maybe try for yourself? I reckon it might have to do with umlauts / character stuffs ..


Interesting. Not at home, will try when I get back. Maybe has to do with database encoding?

Let's check now, shall we.


testing editing


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