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Hello guys (and gals)!

I just finished implementing social login for the forum! This means that a user can register AND login by using their credentials from Twitter, Facebook and Google.

While this makes it much easier for a user to register to the forum, there's an advantage for existing users as well: if you go to your Profile and click Modify Profile->External Accounts you can link any or all of the your accounts so that next time you want to log onto the forum you'll just have to click on the relevant login button. No passwords to remember, no typing. Simple!

Goes without saying that the only thing the forum sees is your email address and a bit more info if you allow the login/sync procedure, such as your birthday or social network avatar.

Please do test it and let me know if it works ok for you!

Worked like a charm

EDIt : Just one minor thing, login with google+ ask for adding "off-line connection" at every login

Cheers mate :)

Yes, I saw the Offline thing too, and it's on my to-do list!

Excellent, finally I can link ALL my social networks to the CPCWiki, let me see....

Facebook.... Hmmm, no account.
Twitter.... Hmmm, nope not there either.
LinkedIn.... No.
ICQ.... No, not there either.
AIM, no..
MSN.... Nope.
MySpace.... Nah.
YouTube.... Not yet.
Google+.... Nope.
DeviantArt.... No.
Pinterest.... Nope.

Ok, looks like my settings were fine all along :D


You're getting predictable :p

(oh, btw, Google+ =/ Google!)


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