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Started by Gryzor, 10:32, 01 June 11

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Hello guys,
Today I did a little tweaking to improve performance. A sample study (wow...) of loading times that I did shows some remarkable results. Can you confirm?


It is definitely faster than it was over the last few days / last week. Did you find the Turbo Button?



Turns out I had accidentally sawed it off with other components...


Fraid I cannot tell any significant difference, though cause Australia is nearly the bottom end of the world, that rule seems to apply to the speed of ones Internet connection. Though I've been on some real dodgy sites which simply try to hard and kill your computer in the process. At least this is acceptable, just don't make it slower!  :police:
* Using the old Amstrad Languages :D   * with the Firmware :P
* I also like to problem solve code in BASIC :)   * And type-in Type-Ins! :D

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