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Hi guys!

As our mate Gryzor suggested, I've started here a thread on the pictures of our beloved CPC's hardware  ;D

Here you have the first pictures. They are from a spanish CPC 464.

Maybe tonight I'll be posting the pictures of the english CPC (I think it's from the first series) I got on ebay.


Heya mate, thanks for the pics... it'd be nice if you (or anyone, or me even!) could clean them up and crop them in Photoshop to remove your floor :D

Also, I guess eventually these should be moved to the wiki proper - I'll see to it that a section on photos or a gallery be created. Thanks again!


Yeah I could have thought of cleaning and cropping the pictures but I forgot it jeje  ;D

Here is the second set of pictures, from the English CPC 464 1st series. The main board has 1983 copyright year while the first one has year 1984 on it.

As soon as I have a little time, I'll clear & crop the first set  8)

Thanks - much appreciated :) Yesterday I opened up my 664, will take some pics hopefully today...


Ok, I found that little time and I worked the first set of pictures a bit.

If you need some more pictures or you want some specific ones, just tell me.  8)


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