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Has anyone noticed that the main site is down?

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No, mainly because it's up :D


--- Quote from: Gryzor on 11:15, 17 August 21 ---No, mainly because it's up :D

--- End quote ---

Really??? You think you are right??? Well, it seems you are, but then so am i!!! :)

OK, jokes apart, here's what happened. I visited the site from my laptop and here's what i saw at the top:

(Filesize: 173.64 KB, Dimensions: 1292x266, Views: 112)

When i posted the OP though, i had visited the site from my mobile (for the third time) and what i saw (for the third time) was something like the image i posted. Only the error is visible though, the rest of the page is not!

So, i should have been more specific: "Has anyone noticed that the main site seems to be down when seen from a mobile device?" :)

Still not down, an incompatibility in the movile view, have to find some time to update things...

It's up here, but still got that nasty error message in it.


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