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--- Quote from: robcfg on 11:39, 22 September 15 ---Maybe a button to go back from the forum to the wiki's main page would be nice  ;)

--- End quote ---

What's wrong with the "CPCWiki" button at the top of the screen that we have now?


Nothing, but it points to the forum's main page, not the wiki's main page  :P

From my point of view the most valuable stuff are the bits and pieces on programming (code snippets mostly) and hardware that popup in forum threads. This valuable knowledge is scattered all around the forum. Ideally maybe a bot could identify such posts and collect them in one place on the wiki. This may be hard to achieve though, I'm fully aware of it.


--- Quote from: robcfg on 11:46, 22 September 15 ---Nothing, but it points to the forum's main page, not the wiki's main page  :P

--- End quote ---

Not on my computer. I don't mean the Logo, I mean the "CPCWiki" button between the "Home" and "Download" buttons.



How long has it been there?  :o

I guess the big nice CPCWiki logo makes everyone think it's the place to click to go back to the wiki.

Thanks for pointing that out! (I'm going to the doctor to see if I'm already blind... XD)


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