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Looking forward to the Server Upgrade! :-)

Started by Ygdrazil, 17:37, 02 March 07

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Thanks to Gryzor and Kangaroo for putting a great effort into keeping the software of the WIKI up to date!

Am really looking forward to the server upgrade.. Every third time I try to upload a file to the WIKI i get the Internal Server error!

/Thanks Again


Heya mate, you're not the only one!!!

I've asked Kangaroo to copy all the files to the new server, since it'll take years for me to do it through FTP. When and if this is done I'll re-setup everything, and upgrade to the latest wiki build.

What's more, after a discussion with Kangaroo, I'll probably incorporate to the server along with all the AA/ACU/Amtix! issues, and allow anon ftp.

great things lie ahead! :D



Hey guys,

I know that setupping anything on a computer is a real pain so I just wanted to say Thank you!


Hi Guys

I will wait to upload new stuff, until the server upgrade is complete. Its way to frustrating trying to upload stuff and then get the dreaded "Internal Server Error" a billion times :-)

And yes alot of good thing is to come when the server issues has been solved!



No problem, suit yourself :) Great job with the scans, but indeed if any trouble can be saved just wait a bit :)

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