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Magazine uploading! What and how to upload?

Started by Gryzor, 18:54, 05 April 07

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What and how?

0 (0%)
Amstrad Action
2 (25%)
Amstrad Computer User
5 (62.5%)
Zipped issues
1 (12.5%)
Individual pages
7 (87.5%)

Total Members Voted: 8


Hello guys!

So, after the upgrade, I've got Amstrad Computer User, AA and Amtix! lined up for uploading. What should I begin from, and in what form - zipped issues or separate pages?

I'll leave on saturday morning, so it'd be a good thing to leave my machine uploading for the three days beginning saturday...



I can help by uploading my AAs, so you could do ACUs or something else..... 

trouble is, I'm still not sure how they should be uploaded.....


Ahhh thanks that'd be great. If you can, send me an email at gryzor @@@ gryzor ... info and I will give you an ftp account to upload to... and so I will up ACU and Amtix!. Nice :)

By the way, you can vote for up to 2 options - one for the mags, one for the way to be uploaded...



I've said it in private mail already, but it's worth repeating: separate pages.

With separate pages you can cross-reference from elsewhere on the wiki. (So, for example, you could link directly to an AA review from a page about a game.) That, to me, is half the point of it.

.zip doesn't give any extra compression over and above .jpeg, and anyone who wants the whole lot in one can use a download manager.


You're right about that... Zipped issues wouldn't address a space-related issue, but rather ease of downloading. But I will try to find a good solution to allow easy downloading - and probably offer a DVD service for free (p&p applies, tho :) )


Hi guys!

I think the best optiom would be zipped issues with an index so you can download the issue with the article/review you want to get.

Thanks for working so hard to maintain this wonderful wiki!


Well, Uploading has already been started in individual files. I think I prefer it this way to prevent leeching. As I said, I will provide a DVD service as well...

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