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New modification - In Line Attachments!

Started by Gryzor, 17:43, 07 December 11

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This has been bothering me for a while - have images appear all together at the bottom of a post.
Now you can do inline attachments with the *attach* (for all files) and *attachimg* (for images, though *attach* works for images as well: [attach=2]
There are also basic positioning options like:
[attachimg=1 align=center width=60]
So this would appear like  [attachimg=1 align=center width=60].


PS Thumbnails are clickable and expandable, btw...
PS2 Seriously, some random guy builds a duff board that just stores ROM images and he gets like a gazillion Likes, and I bust my arse here trying to force this thing to work better and get nothing...

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