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If you didn't noticed, I added a few categories such as French Companies or UK companies or spanish companies...

If you fellow exotic poeple could use them and add your countries (provided some companies did some stuff for Amstrad computers...)

Thx a lot.

I'll be busy doing cuisine and drinking "Clairette de Die*" theses days. ;)

And Merry Xmas to all too.

Die is a town near mine, it's pronounced "Dee", not like "Die you scum !" ::)

Well, try and stay off the wiki editing then, will you please? :D

Hi There

There are alternatives to the build in search engine of MediaWiki!

Eg. Sphinx or Lucene


PS. Happe new year!

Perhaps defining what goes with what country maybe a clear-cut thing to do in Europe, in Australia it's very difficult to determine what's around, and perhaps most of the things which come from Australia are labelled as such. Where it gets difficult though is Interest Groups, one group based on Sydney were doing some stuff with CPCs, where they are now who knows, there was another group based in Adelaide as well, unfortunately I don't know too much about them. In the 80s the Aussie mag (The Amstrad User) had a list of Groups scattered across the countryside.

@CPCLer: this is a first-rate suggestion. I have already looked into them and will be installing one of them soon - probably tomorrow. Thanks, man!


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