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Orphan pages - PLEASE READ!!!

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Thanks for that - I did notice your avalanche of category assignments :) I will check out the pages under no category and delete them myself if necessary...

Thanks again!

By the way, is there any link to the gallery? The link on the side bar points to the former gallery and not the new one. Maybe I missed the right one, maybe not. And as somebody said it would be nice to click on the cpc wiki logo in the forum pages to get back to the wiki main page.

I've just found this page wich may be useful to find some page that should be deleted (mainly the ones with a size of 0 Bytes :) )

@Robcfg: yes, the link on the sidebar (try entering, in the searchbox: Mediawiki:Sidebar to edit it) has to be changed - will do soon - thanks for reminding! The logo here - I tried doing that through the template, but no soap... unfortunately!

@PulkoMandy: thanks for the tip - will go through them!


This page has a dead link to "Archive". It is locked so I can't remove it ...


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