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Orphan pages - PLEASE READ!!!

Started by Gryzor, 19:03, 15 December 06

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Hello guys!

Just checking the lates additions to the wiki (whoa it's gotten huge...). I saw this, for instance - it's a nice article, but it's orphaned! :( No page links there, so it's very difficult to unearth.

When creating an article, please do add a link to a more central page to it!!



Sorry Gryzor

I am the responsible guy behind the orhpan page .... I didn't know where to associate the pages....

But somehow this solved itself... The benefit of an active Wiki i guess!

But yeah... one should never leave orhpand pages hanging around!



Quote from: Ygdrazil on 01:45, 16 December 06
Sorry Gryzor

I am the responsible guy behind the orhpan page .... I didn't know where to associate the pages....

But somehow this solved itself... The benefit of an active Wiki i guess!

But yeah... one should never leave orhpand pages hanging around!


No fingers pointed :)

I linked to it, actually. It's no big deal - just go to an already existing category/article and add a link towards the article you just made! If you don't know how to do it then you can read the editing help on the wiki - basically you just put the title of your newly created article in double brackets and off you go.

In this case, I added a new section in the hardware page titled "Others" and added a link by using [[6128_dissected]] (or whatever the article name is). Hope it's clear :)

Thanks again!


Quote from: Ygdrazil on 01:45, 16 December 06
I am the responsible guy behind the orhpan page .... I didn't know where to associate the pages....

I did it :-) just a sentence but a link back to the cpc 6128 :-) so that may help


I've started associating pages with categories, and i've found some empty or useless pages. They are all in the "Uncategorized pages" list:
I don't know how to mark them for deletion, however...


Thanks for that - I did notice your avalanche of category assignments :) I will check out the pages under no category and delete them myself if necessary...

Thanks again!


By the way, is there any link to the gallery? The link on the side bar points to the former gallery and not the new one. Maybe I missed the right one, maybe not. And as somebody said it would be nice to click on the cpc wiki logo in the forum pages to get back to the wiki main page.

I've just found this page wich may be useful to find some page that should be deleted (mainly the ones with a size of 0 Bytes :) )


@Robcfg: yes, the link on the sidebar (try entering, in the searchbox: Mediawiki:Sidebar to edit it) has to be changed - will do soon - thanks for reminding! The logo here - I tried doing that through the template, but no soap... unfortunately!

@PulkoMandy: thanks for the tip - will go through them!


This page has a dead link to "Archive". It is locked so I can't remove it ...


Well, that's because nothing has been moved to the Archive yet :) The Wiki was started in August, so there are no other, older posts...

In any case, that page is deprecated, since we have this forum!


PS Thanks for trying to clean it up anyways!


Raise dead for this topic.

I spent the night wikiing...

I found a shitton of page with no categories, so I put some...

QuoteIs really useful? we already have categs for books, mags, fanzines, manuals...
The aim can be to get "mother categories".
Those are categories existing just for browsing purpose.

I know perhaps many of you don't really check the categories, but this is a good way to surf a wiki.

As a result, some catagories are to be "mother" or root categories, just to include mostly Sub-categories and a few actual pages...

Exemple ?

Softwares, Hardware (yet this one was put on a lot of stuff...I got to clean this a bit.

Also some page are quite important and are to be in most great categories...

Exemple the various CPC/PLUS/Amstrad pages...
Because those are the spirit of the Wiki...the mother page, the most important and so on...

The categories pages can be redundant with Page with the same same... well... not really.

with the use of "category:xxxxxx|*" per exemple you can get the said page to be on top of the alphabetical list in the Category page, easing the browse/travel through CPCwiki...

And the normal Page is a way to get thematic or selected classifications, while the Category with the same name is the "complete alphabetical list of pages and sub-categories.

There may be some reflexion off course, but I think that a few categories are to remain "uncategorised categories"... hence being the mother ones...
As a result those should perhaps appear in the Portal and main page as a start for browsing.

CPC Press may bne redundant with CPCfanzines or CPCmagazines... but those are 2 asspect of CPC press.

Another exemple : I added a category:network...
This is to include Serial stuff, but also Websites, virtualNet, links to CPC forums and so on...

Categories can be subed to each other...
Why would you do that ? because the thematic may still be quite different (Serial is a limited aspect of Network solution...) but the aim is to get an easy browsing with categories...

I also added the Category:electronical component.
This may lok redundant with "category : internal part" but it is not.

Internal part is mostly directly Amstrad related... and include topics more generalist.
Electronical component is more component oriented and can trat some Microchip used only in a specific external Peripheral...

also Added the category:Clones , which is quite related with "non CPC computer" category.
And made a slight difference between Amstrad Non-CPC and other Non CPC...

I found out a lot of documentation for the Alest or other only... Well...I tried to sort them a bit.

Hope what I did was usefull... gotta try to improove this a bit.

A problem I had : the "page with no cathegories" show a lot of publications...
pages which include scan of only one chapter one a specific book...

I got to see how I will organise the "Publications" categories/Pages...
This has to be one of the mother categorie....

List of "Mother categories" (or uncategorised categories) : not definitive...but working on this...

-Hardware : all aspect of Hardware... would include peripherals, internal parts, Electronic components and so on...
is to include mostly only sub-categories.

-Software : the same, but with software...
Would enable to get too serious softwares, games, and programing stuff...

-CPC history : all the cultural aspect, is to include funny stuff, the peoples, Amstrad brand related stuff....

-Category:Amstrad CPC media : the book depository...of course individual books are to get more categories like programing or whatever....Also pictures...videos...

Also special categories :

-Page to delete or rename : this category is a usefull one actually.

-Stub... same as "delete or rename" : a tool mostly...

Also I saw the Kevin thacker pages are a lot and mostly without categories...
I wanted to put also a special category on those just to show they pedigree (a dump from another site) what should I name this ?

Most of them are about Howto, be it programing or Hardwiring ?


First of all, let me once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for your awesome work! I don't think you got much sleep last night :)

The problem, overall, is that our wiki has grown enormous, and it's very difficult to keep everything organized with so much new stuff and changes... that's why I tremendously appreciate your work. I agree with everything you say, actually, and don't have much to add! I actually didn't know (or didn't remember) that you can have first level and next level categories that belong to the first level ones!

Also, I though we already had a "Kevin" category??? Of course we should...


I started a bit of cleaning in the Hardware category...

Added the following categories :

=Robotic : fishertechnic stuff, the CPC controled motors and so on...

=Input Device : for Game controllers, Mouses and guns and so on, even Keyboards perhaps.

There is one thing : Memory Expansion and Expansion Rom : Those should simply be RAM and ROM (separated of course...)

Cartridges is also to be a special and separate case for ROM as it is mostly PLUS only related.

But it is not a priority to modify this ATM....

Post Edition :

Kevin has now his own category... :P

If you want to see all I have done, just go to the portal, at the bottom there is a list of most "mother" categories...

Just have a look at those and you'll shit bricks. ???


Might I suggest you have a link on the front page to an article about how to find information in a wiki, yours is better than most, at least it has a categories page, but with others it's like looking for a black cat in a coal cellar, you have to guess a keyword which may or may not be in there.

With books you can see how much information is there from the thickness of the book, you can flick through the pages catching glimpses of the content and see information you would not consider guessing a keyword for, and they have a very useful INDEX.

Maybe I'm too old to use computers.


Steve, this is an excellent idea. Indeed, as I was saying, it has become a bit chaotic with so many articles and so much knowledge in here, and I can appreciate that not all of it is readily accessible.

So what would such an article contain?
-How to search for a keyword
-Pointers to the portal and categories
-Explanation of the side panel
-What else?

Maybe we could also build an index, a-la-book as you mentioned, but: I'll have to find an extension for that, and even if there is one, what on earth would it index? Book indices are made by humans...

@MacDeath: thanks once more mate... now to copy all the info from the Resource... :)


I do not know enough about wikis to say what the article could cover, but after the index, I would like to see displayed on each page or just on the front page, the total number of pages in the wiki, each page could have a number and it might be possible to go to a specified page number, this way a user could eventually see every page in the wiki without having to guess what might be on that page, perhaps it might be possible to have a page number "box" with up and down buttons either side.
It seems to me that wikis are designed for people who already know a lot about the subject they are researching.


Well, imagine that we have some 3500 pages, adding a list of them would screw things up royally! Numbers are a thing of books, not really a use for them here :)

As for what you say about wikis: there are many wiki systems. Mediawiki (the one we use) is one of them. Not always the easiest to use, but it's scalable enough; meaning it allows you to do lots of stuff while keeping complexity for the end user to a minimum. Yes, this 'minimum' may not actually mean "nonexistent", but it's not that bad... there is, after all, a nice shiny Search box!


I am absolutely astonished that there are over 3500 pages, I would have guessed about 100+ and felt I had been generous!
There is no way to see the depth of information in a wiki, and the search box is almost useless unless you have some idea of what you are looking for, you cannot learn anything new since you must have some idea that it exists in order to guess a keyword.
I shall persevere with the content categories as it seems to be the nearest to an index that you could have, although a simple listing of 3500 page headings would be a start, not knowing anything about wikis, I do not see how this would screw things up.


100? Ahem... :D As quoted on the main wiki page, "This site hopes to evolve into an encyclopaedia on all things Amstrad CPC related. There are now 3,728 articles around the CPC available." And it's always rising. But I'm always really, really surprised myself, too, that people have given so much to this project...

Of course, many of these 3.728 articles  are stubs (meaning, very short articles that mainly serve as placeholders for future expansion) but still, there's a huge amount of text out there.

Btw, you can click on the "3,728 articles" to go to where you can see all the pages given in chunks. Or, you could go to and see why it's impossible to have a list of pages :D


Quote from: Gryzor on 12:28, 23 December 10
you could go to and see why it's impossible to have a list of pages :D

Thank you, this is excellent, it allows me to see what is there, even if many of them are stubs, does this list include all pages?


yes these are the lot of them. No more, no less. Have fun going through them! :D

I have actually found out that a good way to learn new things is follow the RSS feed of the homepage[nb]I started doing that to check for spam entries[/nb]: it lists each and every change committed to the wiki, but I've learned to scroll through them fast enough and get the new entries or just additions to old entries I didn't know about...

Btw, if you're impressed with the number of the articles, you should see the number of the edits being done to them... it shows an incredible amount of dedication and will! Just check out the top contributors of the *last 60 days* on the wiki's homepage...


Many of those pages are stub, redirects or even page to delete beecause once unproperly named...

Also a lot of pages are scaned content...

Just check the various books and magazines...

And also the Games and Demos can fastly increase into a lot of stuff...

But concerning the Hardware and Software stuffs, not sure we actually get to 1000pages...

QuoteBtw, if you're impressed with the number of the articles, you should see   the number of the edits being done to them... it shows an incredible   amount of dedication and will! Just check out the top contributors of   the *last 60 days* on the wiki's homepage...
I was in Monomaniaco Asperger Geekz mode recently, but now I am sated and will calm it for a while... :D

This enabled me to find completely unknown pages...
per exemple...


Wow, didn't know about that either. Now would be the time to remind the Random Page feature (to be found at the top of the sidebar), a great way to discover things :)

As for redirects etc, they're not so many compared to the total... I had done a statistical analysis a while back on the length of the articles and it seems that the content/non-content ratio was pretty good...

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