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Started by ComSoft6128, 12:28, 10 January 21

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Now being a dour gloomy Scot prone to dour gloomy thoughts and influenced by the times we now all live in I'll share a passing thought......

65 million years ago a large meteor swiftly brought an end to the dinosaurs - what no one else knows (because I just made it up  ;)   ) is that a much smaller fragment of the original asteroid has been orbiting the solar system since that time. Now in an unbelievable (truly unbelievable!) stroke of cosmic bad luck that fragment was hit two weeks ago by another random chunk of rock passing thru the solar system and is now heading towards the Earth - specifically Greece.

So in a few weeks when it impacts - will I still be able to get my CPCWiki fix? ;D


How long will it take to turn 'Hercules' and 'Peter the Great' around, so they won't be pointed towards Russia or the United States of America?

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If you still not sure what I'm talking about, look up 1979 film with Sean Connery.
* Using the old Amstrad Languages :D   * with the Firmware :P
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Actually yes, the server is not in Greece so I may vanish in a puff of dust and smoke but the wiki will outlive me. Happy now?


But we need the passwords ... you may give it to Kangaroo ?
Until the near end dance some Sirtaki and JAMMAS !


Not sure if JAMMA boards will survive a comet, if they do feel free to take mine.

As for the wiki, and in all seriousness, scenarios pertaining to my bad luck and eventual demise have been accounted for, don't worry.

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