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Plus System Cartridges

Started by redbox, 14:42, 05 December 10

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I have created a new page about the Plus System Cartridges.

How do I make it so the old pages (which were used to make this new page) redirect to this page?


Easy peasy: go to the old page, edit it and insert:

#REDIRECT [[newpagename]]

at the first line. You're done!

Thanks for the edit :)


That's great, thanks Gryzor.

Do you think that the "Type-Ins" graphic should be put in one of the boxes on the Main Page now (like the 'Did you know' box)?  It kind of takes over and detracts from the news and other stuff on the page.

I know it's been discussed before, but I think the link to the forum at the top could be more pronounced too, we want to get people to come here and talk to us!


I have uploaded new versions of my patched system cartridges as the original wiki information (that I had followed when making them) was incorrect.

Slot 2 (&82) on the cartridge is used by Burnin' Rubber and isn't empty as detailed elsewhere.  Burnin' Rubber also uses slots 4-7 (&84 to &87).

Get the updated versions here.


Regarding the Type-Ins graphic, this was intended as an ad of sorts for the projects. Now it has sat there for a while, and I've been meaning to change it with one promoting the forum, I just haven't got around to doing it. Thanks for reminding me though!

If you (or anyone) can think and/or produce some nice graphic for that it'd be awesome - I have taken a couple of nice photos similar to the Type-Ins one, but about the forum...

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