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RSS news feed: New topics only?

Started by Otto, 16:18, 06 February 23

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Greetings everyone,

Gryzor's very fine CPC-Wiki-forum uses the forum software "SMF" (Simple Machine Forum). According to their topic here:

...we can easily give news feeds from a SMF forum to our favourite RSS news reader, for exampe the one in Mozilla Thunderbird.
This way we don't miss new postings. For example with an URL like the following a news reader gets the forum's 10 most recent postings:;type=rss2;sa=recent;limit=10

Now would it be possible to only get newly created topics, instead of all new postings? Because interesting new topics in the browser I subscribe to via the button on the bottom right to get an alarm/e-mail when a new posting has been posted in that topic. So no need to see these postings in the news feed.

Any hints appreciated.


Let me take a look and see what could be done... 


Ok from first look it's not immediately possible, will keep trying later on.

However, if your RSS reader supports it (I use Inoreader, and it does), you could filter out all items beginning with "Re:".

Also you can up the limit=10, at least for the first run (it won't make any difference later, unless you hit the source infrequently)


Thanks Gryzor, your idea with filtering is perfect. That will work also with Thunderbird, and will do exactly what I was searching for! So no need to change the RSS feed system on our server.


Cool! I will try anyhow, but glad it works for you this way! 



Well, this is a perfect solution.
I now understand it was in the SMF documentation, but I didn't understand that "news" mean new topics.

Thank you so much, Gryzor!


Yeah, it's a bit obscure, the way it's written. Maybe also worth playing with the limit parameter to see if you can get more out of it! 

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