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Started by Gryzor, 09:50, 02 February 22

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Hello guys!

Just finished creating a new database index for the forum (too a week or so...). So Search is working again. I really can't say how well it works, but I'd appreciate any feedback!



Nice, I tried to search a few days ago, without luck :-) had to use to find what I needed
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Tried a few searches - all OK.


Good job, the search function is now operational!

So glad I don't have to use DuckDuck anymore.


Thanks for the feedback guys!


and broken again? ;-)

A search for "drive" returns no results after 2010, a search for "belt" nothing after 2015. I doubt that this is correct.


Seems the search again/still has a broken database index. I can't find many threads that I know exist. It would be great if that could be fixed again.

Sykobee (Briggsy)

The search function can't find that thread on elite modification from last year.

Can find threads from 2014 about elite dangerous however.


Sorry, didn't get a notification for your reply, I think. I was actually just looking for the discussion we had about Soundcloud links because I want to try something and couldn't find it, so let me give it a look!


Seems to still be broken.


For me search doesn't work now, what ever I type I get " Your search query did not return any matches."


Hm, I have the same problem: "Your search query did not return any matches."

Google search with does not deliver good results.

Is there any chance this will be corrected?
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Knowledge base on this forum is just too important not to fix this :D Or maybe there is alternative to regular search?

For me google did find some results but not too good.


It works. I have just found this topic! :o
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Not for me, I tried to logout and login again (I did not turn off/on my computer however :D )

Am I making wrong search options or this is broken somehow different?

I use Brave browser on windows 7. (Edit: windows 10)


It seems Search is again broken. Many searches return outdated results and recent posts don't show up at all. 

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