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Serial Numbers Database!!

Started by Ygdrazil, 11:58, 30 January 10

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A thing that would be really nice and amusing would be a Serial Numbers Database like this one I found for the SX-64 computer:

A task for the CPCWIKI?



Well, I started taking a loo, and indeed it's amusing, but then I started thinking of all the possibilities - a full-blown user-owned hardware db, with photos etc... now THAT would be fantastic...


"Big Brother The Wiki Is Watching You"


You mean creating a database where we would put the serial numbers of our beloved machines ?

on one hand, it may allows a partial snapshot of the Amstrad production.

I mean, i have a french 6128 yet qwerty.

It may allows to know more precisely which series got which internal components (driver, CRTC...)

Or even to see if some of us do have CPC from the same batches...

why not.

It's not like we are so numerous it would take all bandwidth...


I would be happy to provide pics, serial numbers etc but it's not something I would find very interesting. bunch of numbers and same looking machines  ::)


It's not a matter of bandwidth (sheesh!), it's just that I don't think more than a handful of us would care to post the details... my very own CPC is not that easy to reach these days, if you believe that!


I just thought of this too and figured before asking this time I would search and found this thread.

I thought of it being useful after reading this article about 2 6128s

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