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Spammers on the wiki

Started by Gryzor, 14:46, 15 July 10

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Hello guys,
Lately I've caught some human spammers on the wiki itself (not the forum). Having a human spammer means that they will get past the security measures, but also that their spamming will be light. Such a user was BettyScott (whose spam Fanos caught before myself, actually). 

These users typically insert a couple of links into a few pages or in their talk page. They're rather easy to catch - what I do is that I track all the changes through the wiki's RSS feed, and when a new user registers I check his recent activity.

I just wanted to ask - if you see any spam links, don't just delete them, let me know so I can ban the users!



Can't you change the "able to change / write" settings for members?
So we could add a new usergroup which has rights to edit and create new pages.
So each user who wants to edit a page can ask for permissions here in forum?!??
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Nahhhh that'd be more bad than good - it'd drive people away... Already, having it open only to members is bad enough :(


Quote from: Gryzor on 14:46, 15 July 10I just wanted to ask - if you see any spam links, don't just delete them, let me know so I can ban the users!
We'll keep an eye on this  ;)
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Thanks mate - I appreciate it :)


If we all WATCH more pages, then more of us can react.
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Well, yes, but this doesn't include the talk pages or new pages... still, it's good for existing ones, and it's a good practice to always 'watch' a page you've contributed to...

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