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User deletes '+' in articles...

Started by Octoate, 06:29, 11 April 07

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a user, who used the following IP addresses

removes all '+' in the articles he edits (also in discussions) and sometimes removes big parts of the article. Please block the IP Address and maybe the address range for that and of course have a closer look at the "Recent changes" list.



What a sad person who does this..

First spambots and now this evil minded person.

Yes block those IP addresses!



This time another IP did this again with the "Locomotive BASIC" article and removed about 24000 lines from the article. Kanga was online and blocked the IP address (
We should really think about preventing anonymous users to edit articles in the wiki.


I think blocking editing by anonymous users is a good starting point.

Are there people really so bored for them to make such stupidities?


Hello people,

Let me start from apologising for not taking care of things immediately lately, as I've changed jobs and it's kind of a busy (but exciting! I'm managing Heineken now!) period these days...

If problems continue I will look into it once again and block anon users indeed... what stupidities!!!



Congratulations on your new job!

Do they offer free beers for employees?  ;D


Hahaha you bet - got some 150 cans and bottles in my kitchen right now :D

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