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Word Cloud

Started by Gryzor, 15:23, 16 March 07

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Anyone knows how to construct a word cloud from the entire wiki contents??? Would be really cool...


What is a Word Cloud ???



Ah yes - sorry. See this example: . Esentially it shows the frequency with which words appear in a given text. Some blogs have it, and it's really nice...



Cool and usefull feature!

I found something about a cloud plugin here:

I know only a little about setting up wikis n stuff! So how to access the plugin manager is out of my league!



Hmmm this is exactly what we'd want, but from what I understand it'd made for DokuWiki, not for Mediawiki... I will download it at home and see if I can install it, but somehow I doubt it... :(

By the way, DokuWiki looks very sexy!!!

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