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[Party]Forever 2015 (results)

Started by MacDeath, 23:32, 16 March 15

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Obviously the Forever 2015 edition happened recently.

Forever Party News | 8-bit - Atari - C64 - ZX Spectrum - CPC - demoscene party

And some nice things were released, not always unrelated to our beloved CPC.

the results :

QuoteForever 2015 ZX Spectrum Results

1. Lamer Pinky / Last Generation 403 pt.
2. Factor6 / Gemba Boys / Czechoslovak Alarm Clock 337 pt.
3. artem vasilev | wbc^b-state / springy sun 327 pt.
4. MmcM / Agressive Attack 326 pt.
5. dead8088 / Spin like I do 273 pt.

1. cvm / zeroteam / Cyberspace 482 pt.
2. nodeus / Back to Spock 415 pt.
2. Dimidrol / Eskimo 415 pt.
4. cvm / zeroteam / Back to the future 378 pt.
5. mike / zeroteam / Ronin 366 pt.
6. Solaris104 / Samara 351 pt.
6. LCD / Zilla 351 pt.
8. Factor6/Gemba Boys / Dragonfly 333 pt.
9. LCD / Digiworld 316 pt.
10. TK90X Fan / Yoko 291 pt.

1k intro
1. Busy soft & hard / 80 rectangles 382 pt.
2. goblinish / fly 295 pt.

1. Gemba boys / Back to the Gemba 484 pt.
2. Conscience / New View 48K 440 pt.
3. Gemba boys / End of Gemba 345 pt. Raster Award

Forever 2015 Other 8 bit Results

Forever 2015 Other 8 bit Results


1. mike / zeroteam / OWLS 400 pt.
2. mike / zeroteam / Kite at the Moon 376 pt.
3. Jeni & MaV /
Federica Faggin and Sir Alan Sugar
an invincible duo 350 pt.
4. Pulkomandy / Shinra / Information Highway 345 pt.
5. mborik / RM-Team / Turing 324 pt.

1k intro

1. goblinish / Ivy 461 pt.
2. Busy & Noro / Song in lines - all in 1kB 385 pt.
3. __sam__ / PULS / THOM-CAT 305 pt.


1. Logon System / IO 437 pt.
2. studio / SLOW MOTION 2 374 pt.


1. Tronix - PG & MaPa & Fandal 371 pt. (Atari)
2. LCD / Neo Idiot 354 pt.
3. Strasna Hudba - LiSU 258 pt. (Atari)

1. Gasman / The Mahler Project 365 pt.

It is to notice that Atari 8bit, C64 (and C128 I guess) and ZX spectrum have their own categories, while CPC has to compete with others 8bit systems in the "Other 8bit" categories.

You'll notice :

= Logon System, well known for CPC things, released a badass demo on MSX1 . and managed to beat a SAM coupé... well done OVERFLOW.

= 2 Amstrad CPC released things :

#3. Jeni & MaV /
Federico Faggin and Sir Alan Sugar
an invincible duo 350 pt.

I guess it is an hommage to Z80 creator and AMS-trad creator too... in a sovietsky funny fashion...
Cute Mode1 but I guess sovietic era references are not the way to go in eastern europe...

>>1k intro
#1. goblinish / Ivy 461 pt.

also a pair of Thomson MO5/TO7 which is always fun.

So any screenshot or videos from the CPC (and others) prods are welcomed.

MSX1 featuring LOGON :

ZX spectrum winner :

Vote for yor favourites @POUËT :

Ivy by g0blinish on CPC :

io by Logon System (on MSX)

Forever 2015 - Demozoo

Thomson graphics :

Kite at the Moon by Mike / ZeroTeam

Information Highway by PulkoMandy / Shinra

QuoteAtari Competitions results and download


Atari results are here:

Intro compo:
1. 467 p. 16 Shapes of Grey - MaPa / PG
2. 353 p. Back to the Cyberspace - MatoSimi
3. 334 p. Pow - MatoSimi
4. 318 p. Fifty Shades of Grey - 0xF & X-Ray
5. 317 p. The Demons of Cycling Space - HruHru

Graphics compo:
1. 409 p. Dj Sona approves of this - Exin
2. 360 p. Cyber girl - Broken - -Xi-/Satantronic Eternity Award #5!!
3. 269 p. Atariculus - Elko

Music compo:
1. 426 p. Lokalna Porucha - Factor6
2. 398 p. Brothers In ATRs 2 - LiSU & Epi
3. 360 p. Quite a sad song - LiSU
4. 336 p. Ten Minutes to Deadline - PG

Realtime compo:
1. 301 p. Tronix - PG & MaPa & Fandal
3. 258 p. Strasna Hudba - LiSU

C64 and other awards :
QuoteForever 2015 Back to the Cyberspace

Eternity Award #5
- went to Atari member XI for his Back to the Cyberspace-themed picture.

Raster's Award #3
For the funniest intelligent contribution to the party
- went to the ZX team Gemba Boys for their End of Gemba Demo.

C64 Demo
01. Rainy Days by Singular                     377 pts.
02. Shadows of the Cyber [party version] by Splatterpunk/Nah-Kolor      293 pts.
03. GXAdvert by Atlantis & F4CG                     273 pts.
04. The Truth about Heidi by Mayday!                  190 pts.

C64 Music
01. Hexadragon by Factor6/Trophyx                  420 pts.
02. Preludium by Sad/Padua                     385 pts.
03. 2xperiment by Gaetano Chiummo/Samar Productions      370 pts.
04. 64 Forever by Richard/The New Dimension            367 pts.
05. Awesomeness by Strap/React                     362 pts.
06. Uppity by celticdesign/Genesis Project               347 pts.
07. Old World by G-Fellow/Code7                     298 pts.
08. Dunamode by onebitman/Avatar                  288 pts.
09. Timeloop 4 Eva by CeriX                     266 pts.
10. Hyponoia by Mermaid/Vision/Genesis Project            260 pts.

C64 Graphics
01. Fish & Wish by Leon/Chorus/Resource/Singular         438 pts.
02. Walking on the Moon by Mermaid/Vision/Genesis Project      421 pts.
03. Voima Laulaa by Reekol/Crest/React                  384 pts.
04. Tom and Jerry by Chesser/Nigaz                  220 pts.

C64 Intro
01. Rotzom01 by Busy & Noro                     463 pts.
02. Last Place by Wodash/Coine                  309 pts.
03. 1k Intro by XIII/A4                        247 pts.


I added our contribution to Demozoo.
Black Mesa Transit Announcement System:
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yes, That was you, well done it is a nice Mode1, I added it as well in my first post.

Any comments of this event (if you went there) is welcome, also dare to share some photos as well.

To get Videos and photos :

Also :

great to see they launched things with real machines (as it seems) and not jsut emulation... or did they ?
cute to See SAM (coupé), Thomson (MO6) and Arnold 6128 on the same table.

1k competition :


I'm glad you like it. :)

This idea has been on my mind for quite some time. We weren't sure if we should release it at the Forever party. It's a risk to do such a thing when the crowd might take the matter quite seriously still. There were some laughs, so I guess at least some did find it funny.

I did not take any photos, LCD (also from Austria) did, so I'm going to ask him for some.

There's never been emulation involved for the last three years when I attended. They always connect the real machines to the beamer during the compos, which can be an exercise in patience during the "other" compos since there's usually two or three machines at the start.
Their new beamer only supports S-Video, VGA and HDMI, no SCART. I did not bring Bryce's S-Video converter with me, so a DVD player was added to provide SCART, also because of Pulkomandy's Thomson computer. Problem solved.

This year the party's motto was "Back to the Cyberspace". Unfortunately, the motto has been revealed a bit too late, and the entries reflect that. As a consequence, they let the crowd decide next year's motto immediately at the party place, and it will be "Defender of the 8-bit".

The organisation is good. You might compare it to the ReSeT party, only a lot bigger. Eliot takes great lengths to serve food at the ReSet, while the Forever is too big for that, but Mike and his brother are ordering pizzas on a case by case basis, which works well. They also have a buffet which is open in the morning to fetch a coffee or a sandwich or two.
You can books rooms in advance (10 Euros for two nights), but be careful with whom you share your rooms; some people are snoring ...

While the party place opens on Friday, Saturday afternoon is where the competitions begin. These are introduced by a performance of Wotnau, which is always quite funny, btw.

The final results reflect my opinion quite well. The MSX demo was quite a sight on the big screen. :)
As last year, I'm disappointed that Pulkomandy's graphics entry did not win. I do think that the Thomson are underappreciated computers, and hope that there will be a seminar in the future to introduce them to the crowd. :)

The compos are followed by a party game, you might say, though it's very geeky stuff. This year's was finding a term, and five pictures are shown sequentially that are in some way connected to the word the crowd should guess. All words had to do with the cyberspace and games theme.
Sunday is comparatively short. At 10am the prize ceremony starts. The winners of 1st and 2nd places received a t-shirt (can be seen on the web site) and a certificate, while 3rd places receive only the certificate. By 12 o'clock, most people are busy packing for their way home.
Black Mesa Transit Announcement System:
"Work safe, work smart. Your future depends on it."


Yeah, OVerFlow posted a photo of his prize at CPCrulez/MSXvillage...

he will wear it at Alchimie 2015.

it's very near my home...
Foreigners welcomed.
L'Alchimie 0xb du vendredi 13 au dimanche 15 Novembre 2015 | Triple A
(despite the lack of english page for the moment)

I profit to do some advertisement for Alchimie here... I mean, really it is a nice Demoparty that should get more attention from peoples from otehr countries...
At the moment we mostly have swoss and Belgians as "Foreigners" but few CPCists are coming now.
Food (and wine) is great, you can sleep there or rent an hotel...

It is a lot bigger than Forever but also it is not only 8 bit themed... you also have 16-32 bit machines (mostly Amiga/ST) and modern stuffs as well.

Some Previous results :

one of the previous edition :

Sadly as it is in France, prices may be a bit more expenssive than in ex-iron curtain challenged countries.

>>>back to toopic.

QuoteAs last year, I'm disappointed that Pulkomandy's graphics entry did not win. I do think that the Thomson are underappreciated computers, and hope that there will be a seminar in the future to introduce them to the crowd.
Yeah, Thomson computer's main issue with demoscene, rarity aside, is that it never had proper sound chip...

Speccies would cheat because the Speccy128/+2/+3 had an AY so they would often use an AY card on ZX48.
ORIC had an AY like so many systems (CPC, ST, Speccy, ORIC, MSX as well...)

Even the PCW could pretend to use an AY because the peripheral existed.

But they never released a proper Music card/cartridge on those thomsons....

To make Graphics for MO5/TO7 is quite difficult...
I mean you cannot cheat with some Hardsprites to get extra touches of colours here and there and the palette is more on the bright side.

But I'm pretty sure the second genration + an AY card comparable to toto's cards (with 2x AY then) could really turn any MO6/TO8 into a very serious Demo making machine.

= 6809 CPU is always credited as the best 8bit CPU... better than 6500 and Z80 as many say.
= basically you get the CPC video modes, but with PLUS/Miga/STe Palette, extra fun video modes
= 128K RAM for MO6, 256k RAM for TO8... wow...
=cartridge port.
= has a DAC/beeper like a speccy...

Hell even MO5/TO7 would somewhat perfrom as well as Speccies/ORICs on many points concerning Demos.

Really, a Thomson second generation + AY soundchip would really perform somewhat better than most CPCs...
Just the meagre scene don't want no soundchip, so is dying.

You waste all CPU to produce pathethic sounds or do nothing in the sounsds departements, so it is unfit to compete... WTF ?

but ok, CPC has Fullscreen and many tricks up its sleeves and its pretty cool as well.

TotO ? anyone ?

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