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11 bytes maze generator

Started by ssg, 23:09, 24 March 15

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Hello folks :) It's been a while.

Here is my take on "10 PRINT"-style maze generators (11 bytes of machine code):

Source code is at:

ssg/mazecpc · GitHub

EDIT: Zip I attached was broken, download here instead:


I guess it is the shortest demo on the CPC ! :)
Interesting effect.
Supersly from the Les sucres en morceaux

Zoe Robinson

This is pretty sweet, especially given the size of the code. Well done! :D


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An arithmetic view, with the same size and speed  ;D

org         &4000
char        equ &cd
TXT_WR_CHAR equ &bb5d

run $

  ld    a, r
  sbc a
  add   char 
  call  TXT_WR_CHAR 
  jr    loop


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Is the maze effect hidden on the Firmware 3.15 using the |EE RSX ?
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