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Re: SID Sound Reloaded
« Reply #25 on: 03:52, 22 December 19 »
The C64/SID can do much better sample replay then the CPC/AY, just have a listen and look at this:

There's even a description in the description describing how it was done. Channel 3 plays multiple samples
at once, that's effin impressive.
The SID was designed and intended to be a musical instrument by Bob Yannes.
The AY was intended as a beeper for slot machines by GI.
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Re: SID Sound Reloaded
« Reply #26 on: 17:20, 23 December 19 »
And here's another one:

This one uses different wave forms (as promised in the last preview): sine, saw-tooth and square with sweeping pulse width.

Recorded directly from a real CPC 6128, no processing other than normalization was applied.

PS: Merry xmas everyone!

Sure, the original SID sounds (a weee bit) better, but almost no-one has it connected to a CPC ;-)
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