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Re: 4mb take on me
« Reply #25 on: 12:46, 21 August 15 »
It has done before, but without music. See my *crap* and *shit* technical achievements (*) at youtube.  :laugh:
Often the difference between a technical achievement and a demo is just a bit of polish and some music.

(*) edited by MaV for clarification
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Re: 4mb take on me
« Reply #26 on: 20:08, 21 August 15 »
Often the difference between a technical achievement and a demo is just a bit of polish and some music.

(*) edited by MaV for clarification

Well, for myself I call it a demo, because it's just a demonstration and not a finished program like a game or an application. Not more was intended. Officially I would never call it demo, because if something get's released as demo it has to serve the personal taste of a lot of people - and that's just impossible in these days.  :)

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Re: 4mb take on me
« Reply #27 on: 20:56, 21 August 15 »
oookay ? What's a demo ?

    That's a question akin to "where do babies come from" in that many have tried and failed explaining it without making it sound absolutely ridiculous.
    Demos are the things that happen when people who are interested in computer sit down together and make something fun and spectacular and challenging to program. They work on it until it becomes a final work of art, then they pack up their sleeping bags and travel to a demoparty where they enter it to a competition. That's pretty much the gist of it.

This production falls into the above category. It IS a demo... and rightly so!
Easily the best demo released in 2015 so far.

EDIT: I do find it disappointing that the "CPC demo-scene" have not commented on Pouet or even added it to the official "CPC demo-scene" web-site. I hope, however, it is due to the fact that the "CPC demo-scene" are on their summer holidays and once they return to normal day-to-day demoing, they give this demo the love it deserves.
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Re: 4mb take on me
« Reply #28 on: 21:46, 21 August 15 »
Times change and the terms "demo" with hundreds of subgenres and "demoscene" lose their original meaning. The viewers are not restricted to other sceners and owners of a specific computer, as the productions are presented in global media. Computer demos are classified as animations, video clips or audiovisual art. The computer art is spread from the simplest programmable machines to the newest high-end hardware. The goal is not necessarily to show how many frames, colours, channels a machine can do, but to be original and remembered. It doesn't matter if you create a single icon, sound effect or a full length movie. It matters to be noticed.

Another sign of the times is that the graphic art is not described as "screen", but "portrait", "fantasy", "cartoon". The music is "pop",  "rock", "dance", not only "chiptune".