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More demos for your WebCPC!  ;D

Okay so it was all about the Mandelbrot in 5k Demo 3, he's a Disk Image of the one I ported in Turbo Pascal!  ;D 
To use it in WebCPC, it will Boot straight into CP/M v2.2 from there you can type
at the prompt which will load the program in CP/M v2.2 Colours or you can run
to reset the colours back to Locomotive BASIC (I hope  ;D ).

Okay, I just updated this Disk Image which includes a program to Setup the Inks and Borders. To use that simply access the WebCPC presentation in the previous message (I've updated the Disk Image), which will bootup CP/M v2.2 and type:
at the A> Prompt. The program will then proceed to ask which Mode to use - for the Mandelbrot it uses Mode 1, so use Mode 1  ;D  Depending on the Mode you select this will not change the screen mode, it will only prompt into the number of colours to setup, so you could say Mode 0, but then you'll have to specify which 16 Colours to use (0-15), Mode 1 will naturally ask for 4 and Mode 2 - 2 colours! I've already played around with this to see what colours look good for the Mandelbrot which I'll provide below. Once you get through all the Screen Inks it will ask you for the Border Colour. Now, what I've done here is because I was trying to keep it in Line with the other colours selected, the number you select here will correspond to the number out of the defined colours - so for example ink 1 you selected 26, if you say 1 for the border, it will use colour 26 which is bright white, so don't panic when you were expecting Blue!  ;D  For the Mandelbrot I generally use number 2 - the reason being I found the Mandelbrot looked best when Ink 2 was used for the Black.
So here's my colours selected, I found them all quite interesting, though Mandelbrot6 is my favourite which is a variation of the Colours used in Fantasy World Dizzy.


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