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  1. Martine-Deltapacking
  2. Jumping Text by Odiesoft
  3. Looking for a graphic artist for my demo
  4. Urinal Etiquette demo
  5. Joker
  6. Geronimo's Cadillac by Devilmarkus
  7. Awesome pictures for CPC
  8. Hwikaa Graphix Collection 01
  9. Ecole Buissonniere demo by Overlanders
  10. Amstrad Expo 2010 - Rex & ReSeT 8 - FED by Rexbeng
  11. X-Kore by Dirty Minds
  12. DEFI/CHALLENGE demo by Digit & Fred Crazy
  13. Eve, erh... Forget by MacDeath
  14. Pictures slideshow
  15. Digitracker Player 1.0 by CONDENSE
  16. Apple Games Slideshow II
  17. Color Lines Tunes by Tom Et Jerry of GPA
  18. CPC demos viewed from a c64 user
  19. Castle Musics Rip by CONTRAST
  20. True 3D starfield in overscan: "2021 a CPC odyssey" by cpcitor
  21. Clouseau Intro 2
  22. Boulder Dash - The Music Disk
  23. GX8K by Dirty Minds
  24. TriangulArt by Impact
  25. Worldwide Crap by N.W.C. & MAX
  26. Tondjo Sound Sampler 1
  27. Top Sound By Rob Hubbard From Dragon's Lair 2
  28. Amstrad ASCII Pictures
  29. WINDISSIMO slideshow by RUNSTRAD
  30. The Big Demo by MCM (featuring the music of Charles Callet)
  31. The CPC Is Not Dead by Jean-Jacques Nolle (Elensh)
  32. Slideshow En Mode1 by Megavolt
  33. Test Anim by Demoniak
  34. PARCADE by Epyteor
  35. La Saga du Mal/The Saga Of Evil by Les Sucres En Morceaux
  36. Nebulus Demo by Odiesoft
  37. Star Trek - The Next Generation Slideshow by Matt Gullam (Presto PD)
  38. Amstrad demo Tapes
  39. Eerie Forest By David Whittaker converted by SUTEKH/EPYTEOR
  40. Hardwired Plasma by Odiesoft
  41. Revision 2021 demo: Can Robots Take Control?
  42. Purplebird by Rahow
  43. Star Trek music demo by Conn O Griofa
  44. DigitEditor demo
  45. Dechavane House Music by Titan (Eric Cubizolle)
  46. Michael Collins (Apollo XI) tribute
  47. Demo 1 by Odiesoft
  48. Anti-Bundeswehr demo by Lion Crack
  49. KC Compact/CC 4001 demo by Kleincomputer
  50. The Soothing CPC
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