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Amiga Graphics Plus
« on: 13:52, 23 March 14 »
I managed to archive 2 x 3.5" floppies before the onboard 3.5" drive died last night on a relic Pentium 2.

One was Richard Fairhurst's PowerPage128 (v1.0) DTP prog which already has a notification topic in the Applications forum.

The other is for a slideshow I haven't seen anywhere online yet. It's a Plus slideshow by, I beleive, the late David Carter who did the Amiga Graphics slideshows for regular CPC's.  Compiled by Simon Green (because it says so on the intro screen  :D )

This one is 2 disk sides of Mode 0 screens done in greyscale using the plus machines extended palette (it's not necessary to watch on a greyscale CM12 monitor lol)

I won't put up any screens to spoil anticipation, but I will say that Carnivac might like some of them as they include a few of a certain part-man, part-machine officer of the law.;sa=details;lid=3928

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Re: Amiga Graphics Plus
« Reply #1 on: 21:13, 23 April 14 »
Heh, anticipation...