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Started by deepfb, 00:36, 17 May 21

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This is not the typical message in this board, but I don't know where else should I post it :_D
Some months ago, Cpcmaníaco bought a French CPC 464 demo tape that was unusual -and the he encouraged me to spot the differences between that one and some others we may have stored during years of collecting software. So here are the results of the comparisons:

Amstrad CPC 464 demo tapes (British)

Amstrad CPC demo tapes (French)

Amstrad CPC demo tapes (German)

AFAIK, data inside the tapes is always the same, and the interesting thing is when they moved from "Amsoft" to "Amstrad". Besides, it is funny when they got rid of the old font that is present in the first British tapes, and replaced it with a rounder one.

Don't know if this post is of anybody's interest, or it is just another boring reflection of the OCD that afflicts us, the nerd collectors :___D


Are there any tape covers for this tapes?


Quote from: robecc on 10:15, 02 November 21
Are there any tape covers for this tapes?

No, they were stuffed into the polystyrene packaging, another one of Sugar's cost saving measures I expect. But that's a good thing because it means slightly less plastic in the world.


I don't think tapes are made in Korea,probably are made locally as the locally printed  manuals. So maybe every local subsidiary remade the tape look.

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