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appologies, not amstrad but thomson ^^^

Started by yogibeer, 11:35, 25 July 13

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hi all hi hicks and elliot

pleaz accept my appologies , i come here in peace ^^

so then

we, demomakers from different demo groups, would like to build from scratch a demoscene graphics floppy to be executed on a thomson 8bits computer. with the demoscene name of the "undead sceners" because of the different groups we are coming from. too a gfx floppy on this computer because of the lack of demo production on this fantastic computer. too because i'm sure if you want to be part of the project , the quality would be better and better :)

the subjetc of this gfx compilation is  ........... you ! as a personnal introspection, an object symbolize yourself, an auto portrait, all this and
more in pixel art

the specs of the computer are : gfx in 160x200 in 16 colors from 4096 possible or 320x200 in 4 colors from 4096 as 12bits colors if i remember. made in .bmp indexed and then i hope this idea will pleaz you ::) )))))

i hope this answer will good than my frencglish

after all goooooood demos are welcome to come on cpc due to the new
status of seems like amiga demos for example vanity and other offer us


yogib33r of vitalmotion and x-men


(I have no idea why I am doing this... but...)

How about a Geeky, Hairy-Chested Hay-zoos? If THIS guy was ever going to be the second coming of the Little Baby Jesus, then Zod help humanity, Christianity and, well, religion in general!

(Yes, it's me... yes, its bad... yes, it's not what you were looking for... but well, I think it's funny!)


Of course you realise there's "make a meme out of this" written all over this pic  ;D



You don't look as crazy as I thought you would :D



okok :)

@tastefulmrship and all

sorry for inconvenience, ok it is no the right place to talk about
thomson demomaking ^^ then i go to search other pixel forums
and speak about

have a good day




I have a tool to convert bmp images to cpc. I could modify it to output for thomson. Please tell me where I can read about the structure of the thomson screen ram :)
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@yogibeer: Did you post a message on

You will find hicks and eliott there who make demos on thomson here?
They do come to this forum too, but pushnpop is mainly for demo making so perhaps you will get more thomson demo making information there?
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My website with coding examples: Unofficial Amstrad WWW Resource


these video modes are similar to amstrad plus ;)

so perhaps here we share a common theme
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Quote from: yogibeer on 08:51, 26 July 13
@tastefulmrship and all

sorry for inconvenience, ok it is no the right place to talk about
thomson demomaking ^^ then i go to search other pixel forums
and speak about
Please don't take my post offensively, and I apologise if you do. It was never meant to offend. You can use the "Jesus" image for your demo if you want and if you feel the need to deface it first, then please do so; as rex rightly said; it screams "meme"!

This section of the forum is for demo-talk, so there's no reason to apologise for posting here. However, Push'N'Pop is more demo-related and you may find more of a coherent response from them... but remember that BATMAN FOREVER was written in collaboration with a number of CPC-Wiki members. Maybe posting threads on a number of CPC-related sites would be best (CPCRulez is another good demo-ish site).

It would be nice to see a Thompson demo with CPC, MSX, ZX & even C64 contributions. A real 8-bit demo for the masses!


@ arnold emu : not any problem ! the fact is it is a cpc forum and i took the liberty to write here

i didn't felt in disgrace but yes the pix is cool, why not putting it in an hidden part of the gfx pack
with a scroll of cpc owners to talk about thomson ? would be cool as old wars between computers
are old and past ^^

about the color theme it is quite the same as amstrad + but the gamma is done as the dark grey aren't
as good as it seems, it would not be a cool idea to use it under promotion or grafx2

after all the group who represents after all the best production on thomson demos is this one:

regards to all yes i go now to write on pixel website you told me and be back to talk with you all


edit : and your idea abou multi 8 bits computers is really a good idea ! i go think and do about it ! thanx


The Thomson TO8 is quite funny...
Once I helped Gilles Fetis to improve his java TO8 emulator.


The Pulsdemos work fine on it...

JTEO Project page on
When you put your ear on a hot stove, you can smell how stupid you are ...

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JavaCPC Desktop Full Release


Welcome mate, other computers are always welcome here :)




hi all

thanx for welcoming messages ! :)))

so then 6 graphicians are ok now but i canno't register
to pixel'n pops ?? then going to write to people directly
if any mail and too going to demodays demoparty in the
next month, talking about it right there and perhaps
surrely some other pals to join us on the projetct

regards to all of you and read you soon



Hi, Yogibeer...

Yeah, I already told them all the Thomson MO6/TO8 are soemwhat related to Amstrads CPC/PLUS, becasue of those nasty video modes...

I made a nice Wikipage here.

Thomson - CPCWiki

@tastefulmrship :

I recognize you, you are Francis Lalanne ?


Quotethese video modes are similar to amstrad plus
Yeah, minus the AY, minus the Srpties, Minus the ability to get a badass overscan...
But the Thomsons also have some other modes... with multiple plans.

* a) MO 40-column mode : 320x200x2 (with 8x1pixels attributes , 16 colours on screen) the legacy video mode from MO5/TO7 older models.
* b) 80 column mode : 640x200x2
* c) BIT MODE MAP 4 : 320x200x4
* d) BIT MODE MAP 16 : 160x200x16
further Extra Video modes : Those Thomson computers also had a few extra obscure video modes that enabled transparency-masked plans (but with less colours than the usual CPC-like bitmap modes) which could be used for video incrustation. Another mode enabled to manage 2 separate pages (screen) at the same time.
* e) Mode page (page1/page2) : this enable to provides 2 separate screen pages in 320x200x2.
* f) Overprinting Mode : Two 1bit per pixel plans on the same screen in 320x200. (possible 3 colours on screen+border)
2nd plan is 1 colour+transparency on the 1st plan
1st plan is 2 colours
* g) Triple-Overprinting Mode : Four 1bit per pixel plans on the same screen in 160x200. This make-up for a total of 5 colours on screen (+ border).
4th pan is 1 colour+transparency into 3rd plan
3rd plan is 1 colour+transparency into 2nd plan
2nd plan is 1 colour+transparency into 1st plan
1st plan is 2 colours.

Sadly those extra video modes are still limited to "16k" so can't be "overclocked"...

The TO8 could have been quite good provided it had an AY for sounds and some more on video modes... imagine this triple overprinting mode with 3+3+3+4 colours...
or a "mode0" in 2 plans with 15+16 colours...

Or simply the CPU in 2mhz... ::)

Some tried to overclock CPCs (the 6mhz ?).

Could someone overclock the TO8 and add an AY soundcard ?


Quote from: MacDeath on 22:30, 18 September 13
@tastefulmrship :
I recognize you, you are Francis Lalanne ?

I thought he looked more like Georgie Best :D



Nice wiki article!

Heh... Proudly Merde in France.

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