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Charity Raffle of NOS Games
« on: 15:46, 22 June 20 »
Not sure where this belongs, but to cut a long story short, a friend of mine closed a retro store
and I am now the owner of around 4-500 NOS (New Old Stock) still in pack games from the likes of
Mastertronic, its various imprints and a couple of other companies.

I am going to bundle the games up into 3s maybe 4s and offer a ticket at £5 (GBP).

Anyone who wins will have to discuss postage prices, but I will endeavour to keep them as low as possible.

This will be for McMillan Cancer Research and once we are 100% out of lock down in the U.K, I will get this done / have a proper date.

I'll modify this post accordingly.

There are Spectrum / Amstrad CPC / C64 games as well as a few C16 Atari XL/XE and BBC ones.

Some of the games are 'Flippy' With both Spectrum one side and Amstrad CPC the other.

Just wanted to mention it ahead of time. I will be posting (hopefully) a similar message on Atari Age and Lemon64.

Edit: additional info
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