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Breaking Baud on actual tape. Has anyone managed this?

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As I now have a CPC 464 once more, I'd love to load this demo the way it is meant to load, From tape!

However despite many nights tweaking the audio settings between my Mac and Tape Deck I am unable to get a working copy.

I can get it to load from tape on a CPC 6128 (Where I can tweak further the Volume and Tone on the external tape deck) but on the CPC 464 I have no success at all.

If anyone has a working copy, or the facilities to make one that I can load from tape I will gladly pay you for it.

let me know if you can help me out here, it's driving me crazy!

ralferoo (Doz) can help you, as he's had it on tape for the Revision party, IIRC. Unfortunately he not very active anymore in our forum.

I never tried it on an actual tape, I used one of those car cassette adapters in a CPC464 and even then it was quite a hassle to find the correct head alignment.

I had not problem to use a K7 adapter with two 464 in order to run breaking bauds. I succeed with a very high volume and with also with a "normal" volume, close to what a real CPC do with a real recorded tape.

It seems to be very tolerant, but maybe your real tape was having a too low volume? I mean, lower than usual?

I hav ea Tape adaptor here. I'll have to try again I guess. but I would really like it on a physical tape and dispence with the digital media all together. Hmm, maybe this is just not possible.

I have found the 464plus and 6128plus to be far less tollerant with tape quality than the CPC 6128 all round. Harver Headbanger musical loaders for example fail on the plus machines.

in a couple of weeks I'll go back home.
I'll try to make a cassette.


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