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Demonstration of Quick Circles


There's suppose to be some kind of competition happening to produce a fast circle. While I confess I'm perhaps not using the ultimate in programming some of this stuff actually helped me to make a routine out of assembly to draw a series of lines. Expert programmers from the past have probably worked tirelessly to create games like Elite with big round planets being displayed in short amount of time using Vectors.
What this attached Disk includes is the setup program which calculates the values to produce the circle and pokes them into memory (using my Poke16), and saves that into a DATa file. This disk image includes all of that, so to begin anyone can display the result my running QBASCIR3.BAS. I've also include BASCIR.BAS which produces the same result in it's traditional BASIC way relying on Lookup tables! :D

Heheh.... Amsoft demo tape anyone? :D

Actually (don't laugh) but I vaguely recall doing a series of programs (The Welcome Tape was the Influence), where I would just stick programs like the old Circle Routines & Graphical Programs from out of the Manual (CPC464) and some magazines even (if I liked it of course) and having them run one after another! I made a few cause for a bizarre reason I wanted to make a program to have 2 Blocks while Loading!  ;D 


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