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KC Compact/CC 4001 demo by Kleincomputer


1989 software demonstration program created for the KC Compact (KCC) computer, the East German CPC clone.  There is a second demo but I have not recorded that as it is a lengthy (and very boring) trip round the keyboard. Not sure if this written on the CPC or the KC (using the KC variant of Locomotive BASIC) so I've Listed the four BASIC components of the two demonstration programs for you to look thru.

Listings - 1:55 to 4:40

Demo - 4:50 to 15:22


Not emulated - original CPC (6128 Plus) hardware and software.

Please note that  the aspect ratio for this YouTube video is 16:9 but the CPC monitor
has an aspect ratio of 4:3 so you may wish to adjust your viewing device accordingly.


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