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Largest sprites on CPC (size & number) ?

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Hi everybody!!

My bro wants to know:  :D

Which demo has the largest 50hz-software sprite on CPC,
both in size (in bytes) and/or amount (1,2, ... 20 etc) displayed on a fully background screen OK ?

Let's count them!

Is he going to produce something bigger and better? :)

Balls in Zap't'Balls are huge, 50hz-animated with background.

Otherwise, I would have answered Xyphoes Fantasy, unfortunately it's not 50hz-animated.

Oh, sorry, I know you spoke about demos but demos are more about scrollers you know.. :)

For number of sprites, I'm pretty sure that the Boules and Bits demo holds the CPC record.


Croco Meeting 4 intro has two big sprites ! That's right sprites technic are not the most used one in "big demos" (too time consumming I suppose).



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