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Two 256B intros by Overflow/Logon System

Started by Overflow, 11:57, 13 February 24

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Hi guys !

You may (or not) be used to that : through the years I leave then I'm back then I leave again...  ??? 
Well it seems I'm back for a few months.  :P

I released 256B intros last week-end at Lovebyte party - a party dedicated to sizecoding.
Optimus, BSC and Madram also participated to the party - with respectively 4, 3 and 3 entries.
I let them introducte their works if they are willing to. Here are my entries.  8)


This is intended as a tiny "Logon's Run" within 256B.
I'm afraid you won't find any cheat-part for the gameboy.  :picard:
DSK, explanations, source, youtube: check LOGONITE making-of


I'm still a sucker for plasma.  ;D
DSK, explanations (witout source), youtube: check PLASMINE behind the scene

Hope you'll like them ! I had much much joy to be back at z80 coding. :)
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This is absolutely stellar, Overflow!

I need 4 times more to make a more classical effect!
Release version of "conscience" (A pun that might be understood by some Quebecers):
- More palettes (but less cool as I had to pick them blindly)
- Small "music" "introduction"
- Exactly 1024 bytes (including the header)
- All sources (including the header forger!)

Figure 1: MRI of your grandma's sinuses (another pun wasted).

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