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Lovebyte 2024 around the corner

Started by BSC, 16:47, 02 December 23

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Just a reminder that next Lovebyte is closing in:

A demo-party dedicated to tiny productions, 1k, 512 bytes and even smaller. 

Hoping to see some CPC prods again. :)

** My SID player/tracker AYAY Kaeppttn! on github **  Some CPC music and experiments ** Other music ** More music on scenestream (former nectarine) ** Some shaders ** Some Soundtrakker tunes ** Some tunes in Javascript

My hardware: ** Schneider CPC 464 with colour screen, 64k extension, 3" and 5,25 drives and more ** Amstrad CPC 6128 with M4 board, GreaseWeazle.

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