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Memory Full :a new CPC Demoscene Website is born !

Started by MacDeath, 00:05, 22 December 17

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sorry I know it is not up to me to announce it but I am not sure whether the creators will do it.

A new Demoscene oriented website is born (just as in the tittle, thx captain obvious).


by Hicks, Toms and Beb (and perhaps others I guess)

It's beautifull and give some history about the various parties that happened.
I guess it is still work in progress but they must be on christmass pause.

Also many Demoparties/Demoscene related pages from CPCwiki were recently updated or still are in need of updates because it seems this was quite needed.

For the moment MEMORY FULL seems to mostly have french and german demoparties, it might be up to other countrie's scenes to document their hsitory to be included.

I found out the Spanish scene failed to actually document the retromadrids properly in the CPCwiki or even the GUA page at all despite all the events they organized/participated (but not Demo related, still retro-conservation oriented). it would be nice that the collective job of fixing the memory of the events and peoples was done more seriously...

So i guess this new website is perfect and right on time as last decade was quite magnificent concerning the "opening" of the CPC scene in general..

a topic was opened there :

but issue is that news-events category is often spammed by news feed so no topic can be properly visible there... best to do it in the Demo category I guess...

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