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Title: Michael Collins (Apollo XI) tribute
Post by: Nemo59 on 23:16, 01 May 21
Not really a demo. But what is the good topic?
A Michael Collins (Apollo XI) tribute. Needs a CPC6128+ and CPM+

https://youtu.be/wU-cxu_VqnQ (https://youtu.be/wU-cxu_VqnQ)

Title: Re: Michael Collins (Apollo XI) tribute
Post by: Nemo59 on 14:18, 02 May 21

For precision, all the pictures are imported in cpc format with the excellent software ConvImgCpc.
http://ldeplanque.free.fr/ConvImgCpc/new (http://ldeplanque.free.fr/ConvImgCpc/new)

The presentation is writen in Turbo Pascal using the TP-Tools libraries :

Program Collins;

{$i Uasic }
{$i UGraph }
{$i UScreen }
{$i UKbd }
{$i UMinFnt }

Type TStr255=String[255];

Procedure DspMsg(Txt1,Txt2:TStr255;x,y,Larg,Haut:Integer; Paper,Pen:Byte);

  Var i,j, Msk, dx: Byte;

    Case GetMod Of
      0 : dx:=4;
      1 : dx:=2;

    SetGraPap(Paper); SetGraPen(Pen);
    GetPntAdr(x Div dx,(y Div 2),Adr,msk);
    If GetMod=0 Then Larg:=2*Larg;
    DrwFldBox(EncInk(Paper),Adr,Larg,Haut Div 2+1);
    MovAbs(x,y); DrwRecRel(Larg*8-dx,-Haut-2);
    MovAbs(x+dx*4,y-8); DspVecStr(Txt1);
    If Txt2<>'' Then DspVecStr(Txt2);


DlkAsic; SetPal4096; EchX:=4; Echy:=2;

LoadScr('collins2.scr',128,True); WaitChr;

LoadScr('launch.scr',128,True);  WaitChr;
DspMsg(#2'I heard  the  word  ''ignition''  and I'+
       #13'sensed , felt ,  and   heard   all  the'+
       #13'tremendous power  that  was being'+
       #13'released  underneath  that  rocket'+
       #13'beginning  to  lift me  off  the Earth'+
       #13'It  was a moment of  just  supreme'+
          'elation,complete release of tension.'+
       #13'There  were  tears  coming  down'+
       #13'my face this morning.'+
       #13' '#13'James Irwin',

LoadScr('collins6.scr',128,True);  WaitChr;
DspMsg(    'I am certain ,  if everyone  could see'+
         #13'the Earth  floating  just  outside their'+
         #13'windows, every  day  would  be  Earth'+
         #13'Michael Collins','',

LoadScr('earth.scr',128,True);  WaitChr;
DspMsg(    'Now I know why I''m here. Not for'+
         #13'a closer look at the moon, but to'+
         #13'look back at our home, the Earth'+
         #13' '#13'Alfred Worden','',

LoadScr('cratere.scr',128,True);  WaitChr;
DspMsg(  'The  moon  that  I knew from old was'+
       #13'a yellow flat disk,  and this was a huge'+
       #13'three dimensionnal  sphere,  almost a'+
       #13'ghostly  blue-tinged sort of pale white.'+
       #13'It didn''t seem like a very friendly or'+
          'welcoming  place. It made one wonder'+
       #13'whether  we  should  be  invading its'+
       #13'domain or not.'+
       #13' '#13'Michael Collins',

LoadScr('twomen.scr',128,True);  WaitChr;

DspMsg(  'Neil and Buzz were on the moon. And that'+
       #13'was  all  over  there. And if I looked in'+
       #13'the other direction  there was God knows'+
       #13'what : only me and the rest of the universe.'+
       #13'I liked  that  feeling,  being a part of the'+
           'rest of the universe instead of part of the'+
       #13'solar system.  I didn''t  mind being in that'+
       #13'corner of  the universe  alone by myself.'+
       #13'I enjoyed that. I wish someone would have'+
       #13'commiunicated with me, but no one did.'+
       #13'Michael Collins',

DspMsg('It''s our destiny to explore.'+
        #13'Gene Cernan','',

Echx:=4;  MovAbs(20,40); SetGraPen(6);
DspVecStr('In memoriam'); WaitChr;

ClrScr; GotoXY(1,1);
WriteLn(' - Nasa');
WriteLn(' - La Terre vue du Ciel (The Home Planet) de Kevin W. Kelley');
Title: Re: Michael Collins (Apollo XI) tribute
Post by: GOB on 01:02, 06 May 21
Bel hommage, bravo !!!
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