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Vanity released a nice 4k intro at Main 5 (a demoparty held in Arles, France, last weekend). It ranked 4th in the combined 4k competition (amongst killer PC 4Kb intros :) and features flat shaded raycasting.

You can grab the .DSK at the Vanity homepage or at Pou√ę (note that there's also a video version available, recorded from a real CPC).

That is soooooooo cool.

Was great to load up something new and different  :)

Damn great work!!!

Really cool work!
But 1 stupid question:
Why does it reset @ end? And not restart or so?  :-[


--- Quote from: Grim on 14:11, 06 October 10 ---Main 5 (a demoparty held in Arles, France, last weekend)

--- End quote ---

I love the way that the premium ticket for this event was advertised with supplied 'Anti-Mosquito Spray'.  :)

The bites and lumps on my legs mean I will never visit France again in the autumn without this stuff  >:(


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