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MK2 CPC demo finality
« on: 21:39, 24 August 18 »

I created this game/demo following french youtube JDVA tutorial (Oldschool is beautiful) - based on CPCMania legendary website - SDCC

my friends say that "you have to add background, like in Barbarian !"
But, no, I want Blood and Hadouken on it !

It is firstly a two players game, based on principe of an action => a sequence of sprites, a sequence of sprites => a set of "attack+defense" points (one set per sprite), a contact : attacks are undo by defenses, attack against attack does hurt both.

I add a random AI, (two lines of assembler code), in order to test balance between Liu Kang and Sub Zero.
By default, they random fight each other, you can let them fight around 12 hours (demo), to reach the final result on bars.

Keys : XCVBN : bot vs bot with continues music (demo), bot vs bot with a fatality end, Liu Kang is bot, Sub Zero is bot ('B' as 'Blue'), human vs human

and joysticks.

Next time, Worms on CPC (my next THSF 2019 challenge) :P

You can found all my following source codes about me following JDVA tutorials in each subfolders of this github :

The one giving born to MK2 is : : jdvpa5_combat2.dsk
jdvpa5_combat2_720K.dsk (DOSD2 dsk format/ParaDOS ROM) does contains MK-BO.SKS (STarKos) written by SuTeKH/Epyteor.
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Re: MK2 CPC demo finality
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